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Pockets Mention: Out With Kids on FB  

It's always a nice feeling when people listen to the work you've done and leave with the feeling you intended them to part with. That's a job done. Thank you to Jeff at Out With The Kids.
Today just went from good to great because new musical discovery JUST HAPPENED, kids. Thank you for emailing me, Lucy Kalantari! You had me at "ditties with a 1920s flair about the wonders of love" and with that artwork. I mean, look at that album art! The music is everything you'd hoped it would be based on those two pieces of data. Go listen and be joyful!
Click her to see post. 

It's here: Album release day! 

Head on over to the Music page to listen to Pockets Full of Joy in its entirety for today.
Get your own copy right there, or on Amazon or iTunes

And don't forget to #SpreadJoy!
Spread the word on twitter and Facebook, and tag it with #SpreadJoy. Let me know what you think, I want to hear from you!

UPDATE: With a mission to #SpreadJoy Pockets Full of Joy will stream indefinitely. Won't you please, pass it on.

Lucy Kalantari on Rhythm Approved! 

One day away from the release, and I wanted to share this lovely post about the single from Rhythm and Ruffle. It left me beaming. Thank you so much, Toni Styles!

who: Jazz/Pop, Singer & Songwriter Lucy Kalantari

why: A sweet and refreshing song. In an industry filled with singles that carry incredible weight and emotion; this one leaves the listener a little lighter.

Check it out here!



Lucy Kalantari & the Jazz Cats - Sounds of Summer


Winner of a Parents' Choice Recommended Award


Honorable Mention, International Songwriting Competition 
Children's category

Also available on Amazon & iTunes

Winner of Parents' Choice
Silver Honor Award

Independent Music Awards Winner
for Best Children's Music Song
International Songwriting Competition Winner
Children's Category
Honorable Mention Award
22nd USA Songwriting Competition

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