Hold Tight, Shine Bright

I’m a Latina woman. Daughter of an immigrant who came to the United States for a better life. My mother worked hard to ensure we had opportunities she didn’t get to have as a child. 

So when I think of all those families separated at the border, I think of all the light, the hopes and the dreams each family carries when they take that leap of faith to come to this land. Everyone has their story. Everyone comes from somewhere. 

On August 31st, we rise up together and stand together with the release of #HoldTightShineBright a new album with songs from 25 amazing family artists, we will support RAICES in the effort to #ReuniteEveryChild with their families. You can pre-order right now and get the first amazing single right away, “Shine Your Light”. 

Lucy Kalantari & the Jazz Cats are honored to be the 2nd track on this incredible compilation, with a brand new song, “Una Gran Familia”. This song is only available on this compilation and not on our new album.


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