NEW ALBUM “All the Sounds” out August 3!

NEW full-length album “All the Sounds” drops in two weeks, August 3rd!!!! 
With these 10 brand new tunes, I want you to experience the sounds around us that keeps us connected to each other and the world—the joy, the love, and even the difficult darkness – ALL the sounds that influence our lives and make us the people we are. 


Featuring the amazing jazz cats: Linus Wyrsch on clarinet, Larry Cook on bass and Rich Kulsar on drums. 
And these amazing guests: Michael Irwin on trumpet, Twentythree Skidoo doing some serious rhymes, Darius Kalantari on his little cello, Erich Schoen-René on (big) cello, Adelmo Guidarelli returns as Mr. Opera Man, and kids from all around the world lending their voices for an amazing sonic hug! 

This omg-I-can’t-take-it cute design and illustration is by Rina Miele. 
Recorded and mixed by Denise Barbarita, MONOLisa Studios. 
Mastered by Alan Silverman, Arf! Mastering 

Stephanie Mayers is PR'ing and bookin' it up! 

May all the sounds keep us connected.

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